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Cleaning Services

We highly prioritize providing a sanitized, tidy and well kept environment that you can trust. Count on us for all your commercial cleaning needs.

Janitorial Cleaning for Property Management Companies


Our Property Management Cleaning Services Include:

Contact us for prepping/apartment cleaning packages.

Prepping Apartments For Leasing cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Graffiti removal

End of Tenancy cleaning

Common Areas cleaning

Trash removal

Office and Store Cleaning

It is important to maintain a clean and healthy working/shopping environment. That is why LocalClean.Biz offers cleaning services to businesses of all sizes in New York City. 

Frequently cleaning your work or store space shows you care about your staff,clients and customers. It contributes to overall positive morale and  productivity. We have cleaning solutions for your store and office. 


Our Office / Store Cleaning Services Include:

Wiping down office equipment

Vacuuming rugs/carpets

Cleaning & disinfecting kitchen/break room

Sanitizing toilets & sinks

Cleaning interior windows

Emptying trash/recycle bins

Dusting all desks/shelves

Disinfecting bathroom floors

Cleaning mirrors

Newly Renovated/Post Construction Cleaning

When it comes to post construction cleanings, schedules can become an issue. Especially when it comes to occupancy inspections and certifications. With those appointments fast approaching, projects can become overwhelming.

With renovations or newly built properties there is always loads of cleaning to be done.

Let LocalClean.Biz put a shine on your property.


Our Newly Renovated and Post Construction Cleaning Services Include:

Dusting vents, ceilings and baseboards

Vacuuming and mop all floors

Wiping down kitchen cabinets & drawers

Cleaning bathroom vanities

Cleaning interior windows and sills

Wiping down walls and closets

Cleaning countertops & appliances

Cleaning toilets, shower stalls and/ or bathtubs

Schools and Day Care Centers

We provide a range of cleaning services for schools,daycares and other educational facilities. Certified cleaning staffers will sanitize and deep clean your spaces. The value of sterilization is prioritized in these learning facilities.

Cleaning crews are committed to the cleaning regimen specified by each facility. By removing dust, dirt and germs from hard surfaces. Our children, teachers, and school staff deserve a healthy working and learning environment. 

Empty Locker Room

Classrooms/Common Areas:

These high-traffic, high-contact locations are guaranteed to amass messes quickly. Thankfully, we can nip those messes in the bud with regular thorough cleanings, which may include:

Sanitizing all hard surfaces

Wiping down tabletops & desks

Wiping down benches/tables/ chairs

Fully sanitizing all touch points

Sweeping & mopping floors

Buffing hallway floors

Emptying trash/recycling bins

Cafeterias and Restrooms

These locations should be held to the highest standard of cleanliness, and we are sure to deliver. We work hard to make sure germs have no place here, through measures such as: 

Sanitizing all appliances and surfaces

Cleaning and disinfect all toilets

Sweeping and mopping floors

Emptying and sanitizing trash/recycling bins

Cleaning and sanitizing all sinks and countertops

Refilling soap & tissue dispensers

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